3 Types Of Polo T-Shirts to Don This Season

It is that time of the year again when you start packing in your festive outfits and returning to your daily outfits. Your daily wear starts getting dull and boring with each passing day, and you’re not left with many options to go with apart from a plain boring shirt and jeans. It is at times like these when the evergreen polo t-shirts don’t come to your mind. Polos are something so elegant yet so casual that you can carry them anywhere and with any look you feel like.

You don’t generally find many polo t-shirts in a man’s wardrobe. Polos are known to be one of the most underrated attire a man owns. But this won’t happen anymore; here at House of Stori, we’re determined to lift the Polo t-shirts to the mainstream wardrobes. We’re here to educate you on the types of Polos one can own and their variety of uses from board meetings to parties. Polo is all you need, and you’re good to go.

Here are 3 types of polos from House of Stori that you can don this season. Read till the last, and you’ll be surprised to know what all a polo t-shirt can do for you.

1. Plain for the formals

For all your board meetings and formal get-togethers, a plain coloured Polo t-shirt would be the right partner for you. With rich colours to choose from and the best designs, the polos will be your right partner in sporting the formal look everywhere you go.

2. Printed for casuals

Not in the mood to go out? You want to stay in all day long, well we’ve got you covered for that too. The prints will give you the best in class comfort you need while staying in. Never have you ever experienced a design and finish so perfect, and to top that fabric so soft that it makes you feel floating in the air. So whenever the thought of staying in comes to your mind, our printed polos will be your go-to choice.

3.Floral for parties

Got last-minute party plans and still confused about what to wear? Well, care no more, don a Floral Polo t-shirt from House of Stori and make the heads turn when you walk through those doors. A unique design and a perfect print just come together to compliment your style and give you a bold and raw look. A look desired by all in the parties.

Still here? What are you waiting? The polos are waiting for you, and your wardrobe needs a polo right away, shop before the best clears. Visit our website now!